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Awards by Location All information shown on this page is drawn from files that were frozen at the end of the fiscal year. This page also may include hyperlinks to the most recent project information in the RePORTER database, which contains up-to-date project information.  As a result, there may be some differences between the information shown on this page and the information found in RePORTER.

NIH Awards by Location & Organization
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R & D Contracts data for FY 2013
 finalized and added on 1/15/2014

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Note: Although this list can be sorted by the amount of funding each organization receives, these data should not be interpreted as a ranking of institutions by NIH. NIH's use of multiple principal investigator awards makes calculations of the total funding received by individual departments impractical and there are multiple ways in which the funding data can be aggregated across universities' schools and departments that can alter the ordering of institutions.

Prior to 2011, NIH reported the dollar amount of administrative supplements but, because they are supplements to existing projects, did not count these supplements as "awards". As a result, every year there may have been a small number of organizations that received NIH funding but appear in this table as having "0" (zero) awards.

These data do not include projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. For a list of those projects, please visit

For consistency in reporting on past fiscal years, this site uses frozen information for past fiscal years, and this may differ from current information displayed on RePORTER. Upon completion of each fiscal year, research and development contract records are integrated with frozen grant records and posted in December. Institutions may review their grant records and request updates.

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Organization City State Country Awards Funding

MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE awards summary for Fiscal Year 2013

Dollar Amount Awards
Other Research-Related $9,293,812 16
Research Centers $8,976,423 6
RPGs - Non SBIR/STTR $1,606,619 7
Training - Institutional $505,823 3
Total $20,382,677 32

IC Awards Funding
NCI 9 $3,515,696
NHLBI 3 $638,063
NIAID 2 $481,332
NICHD 1 $271,930
NIDA 1 $139,680
NIDCR 1 $176,160
NIDDK 2 $402,653
NIGMS 4 $1,930,556
NIMH 1 $174,419
NIMHD 5 $12,039,599
NINDS 1 $280,815
OD 2 $331,774
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26 PIs found Page 1 of 1
PI Name Arrow Awards Funding
ADUNYAH, SAMUEL E. 3 $5,272,101
AL-HENDY, AYMAN 1 $271,930
CHAUDHURI, MINU 1 $315,917
CHEN, ZHENBANG 1 $339,020
DERIEMER, SUSAN A 2 $331,774
ELTOM, SAKINA E. 1 $340,832
EPPS, ANNA CHERRIE 2 $6,555,640
JUAREZ, PAUL D. 1 $1,217,939
LEE, EUN SOOK YU 1 $279,918
LIMA, MARIA F. 1 $1,019,813
LIU, BINDONG 1 $314,908
MARSHALL, DANA 1 $160,344
MOKHA, SUKHBIR S 1 $280,815
MORRIS, MATTHEW C. 1 $174,419
MURRAY, JOHN J. 2 $479,941
POPIK, WALDEMAR 1 $175,509
SAKWE, AMOS MALLE 1 $136,770
SHANKER, ANIL 1 $363,750
SON, DEOK-SOO 1 $337,425
XIE, HUA 1 $176,160
YANG, HONG 1 $276,147
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Location Awards Funding
Tennessee 32 $20,382,677
Total 32 $20,382,677


Funding Mechanism Awards Funding Year
RPGs - Non SBIR/STTR 7 $1,606,619 2013
Research Centers 6 $8,976,423 2013
Other Research-Related 16 $9,293,812 2013
Training - Institutional 3 $505,823 2013
Total 32 $20,382,677 2013

32 projects found Page 1 of 2 Next  Last
Project Number asc_arrow Project Organization Admin IC Direct Cost Indirect Cost Funding
1K01MH101403-01 Models of Risk for PTSD MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIMH $161,499 $12,920 $174,419
1R21DK095186-01A1 Differentiating Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns Colitis Through Proteomic Patterns MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIDDK $156,113 $71,031 $227,144
1SC1CA182843-01A1 Defining the effects of bortezomib on NK cell activation in cancer MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NCI $250,000 $113,750 $363,750
3R25OD011085-04S1 Meharry Health Sciences Leadership Academy MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE OD $78,704 $6,296 $85,000
5G12MD007586-29 Meharry RCMI Program in Women's Health Research MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIMHD $1,591,217 $724,004 $1,880,640
5P20CA144809-04 MMC and VICC: Partnership for Survivorship (1 of 2) MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NCI $144,249 $59,223 $193,961
5P20MD000516-09 NCMHD Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence at Meharry MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIMHD $918,875 $299,064 $1,217,939
5R01CA142845-04 Mechanisms for Benzo(a)pyrene-Induced Colon Cancer Exacerbation by Dietary Fat MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NCI $189,199 $87,977 $277,176
5R01HD046228-10 Targeting Adenovirus for Gene Therapy of Uterine Leiomyoma MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NICHD $216,479 $55,451 $271,930
5R01MD004038-05 Pten-loss Dysregulated Pathways in Prostate Cancer MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIMHD $231,413 $107,607 $339,020
5R03DA033892-02 Cocaine downregulates anti-HIV microRNAs in CD4+ T cells MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIDA $96,000 $43,680 $139,680
5R21DE022428-02 Distribution correlation of P. gingivalis and S. cristatus in dental plaque MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIDCR $132,480 $43,680 $176,160
5R21DK094735-02 Role of APOL1 in HIVAN pathogenesis MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIDDK $120,625 $54,884 $175,509
5R25CA102209-08 Medical Student Summer Program in Integrative Science and Cancer Research MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NCI $148,467 $11,877 $160,344
5R25GM059994-14 RISE Option III The Meharry RISE Initiative MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIGMS $966,065 $53,748 $1,019,813
5R25OD011085-04 Meharry Health Sciences Leadership Academy MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE OD $230,324 $16,450 $246,774
5S21MD000104-13 Endowment for Health Disparities Research MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIMHD $4,675,000 $4,675,000
5SC1AI089073-05 Roles of inflammation-driven chemokines in the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIAID $230,324 $107,101 $337,425
5SC1CA153326-04 The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor and Breast Cancer MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NCI $232,650 $108,182 $340,832
5SC1GM081146-07 Mitochondrial inner membrane protein translocase in Trypanosoma brucei MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE NIGMS $217,125 $98,792 $315,917