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Physician-Scientist Workforce (PSW) Report 2014

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Specific Recommendations for the Dentist-Scientist Workforce

Most of the recommendations that impact dentist-scientists may be found in Chapter 7. The following recommendations are unique to dentist-scientists and responsive to the challenges identified above.

  • Encourage/incentivize promising dental school graduates to consider careers in developing team science perhaps by creating post/doctoral fellowships-faculty transition plans at their school- with post-doctoral fellowships to be performed at leading centers for team science.
  • NIH should partner with the American Association for Dental Research and the American Dental Association in efforts to emphasize Evidence-Based Dentistry and in providing access to short term training in research methodology for dental faculty.
  • NIH should partner with ADA and other professional dental organizations to develop a 'prescribed program' with ‘best practices’ for training DDS/PhD researchers.