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Physician-Scientist Workforce (PSW) Report 2014

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Appendix I: Physician-Scientist Workforce Working Group Subcommittees

Subcommittees Table
  Clinical Research PS Lab Research PS Non-MD PS Data
Chairperson G. Bernard H. Hobbs R. D’Souza
S. VandeWoude
T. Ley
L. Rosenberg
PSW-WG Members S. Shurin
V. Lee
D. Nichols
A. Knebel
E. Larsen
D. Ginsburg
N. Andrews

J. Merchant
A. Schafer
S. Mills
J. Fox
S. Mills
L. Brass
R. Lifton
D. Meltzer
Ad Hoc Members Robert Califf
Barry Coller
Thomas O. Daniel
Robert Dittus
Mark. C. Fishman
Donald Ganem
Peter Gruber
Mike J. Welsh
Tim DeRouen
Mildred Embree
Jeffrey Myers

Harry W. Dickerson
Michael Lairmore
Willie M. Reed
Janine Clayton