Our exploration of RePORT begins with
an overview of the RePORT home page.

There is a top navigation bar
on the home page with tabs for:

QUICK LINKS, which provides quick access to portions
of the website that are used most often.

RESEARCH provides access to information on the research that NIH supports.

This includes descriptions of both extramural
and intramural research, reports on the outcomes

and impact of NIH-supported research, and research funded by the Recovery Act.

ORGANIZATIONS provides information on the various components
of the NIH and the extramural research organizations we support.

WORKFORCE provides information on the trainees, fellows, and investigators that NIH supports.

Here you will find both annual reports as well as special reports like the
report of the Biomedical Workforce Working Group.

In addition to information on the NIH-supported workforce,
we also provide links to related national statistics.

FUNDING provides access to reports on the NIH budget and how it is allocated.

REPORTS provides access to formal reports issued by NIH and its institutes and centers

including the Biennial Report of the NIH Director, strategic plans,
science advances, and other congressionally-mandated reports.

There is also a link to the Report Catalog, a large database of reports searchable by topic.

LINKS AND DATA provides access to downloadable databases,
such as ExPORTER (a copy of the RePORTER database)

and external links to other sources of data like NSF's
National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics

international Science and Technology Indicators produced by the
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

and Science.gov from the Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information.

The picture carousel highlights some of the most frequently used portions
of the RePORT site, and buttons below will take you to:

The RePORT Expenditures and Results, or RePORTER, query tool.

RePORTER provides access to a database of all NIH-funded research projects,
links to related news, and publications and patents that have acknowledged NIH support.

AWARDS BY LOCATION is a tool that lets you explore the NIH portfolio
of extramural grants and contracts by geographic location or by funded organization.

The NIH DATA BOOK is a compendium of tables and charts updated annually
and exportable to Powerpoint for use in presentations or to Word for use in written reports.

FUNDING FACTS is a search tool to help you
find that specific number quickly when you need it.

Facts are available for funding amounts, numbers of awards,
numbers of applications, and success rates.

CATEGORICAL SPENDING provides estimates of the annual level of NIH
research support and project listings for over 200 conditions, diseases, and other areas of research.

The REPORT CATALOG is a searchable database containing spreadsheets,
documents, presentations, and web links,

searchable by topic, with a set of filters
you can apply to narrow down your search results.

We have a web page containing SPECIAL REPORTS of topics of interest,
and the ABOUT REPORT page,

which contains copies of RePORT's newsletter The ReSource,
release notes, and other information about RePORT.

If you have any questions or comments on the RePORT Home Page,
please address them to RePORT@mail.nih.gov.