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Research Project Grants: Applications, awards, success rates, and funding, by activity code and Institute or Center

How to use this figure:

This moving bubble chart provides a time-lapsed view of competing NIH Research Project Grant (RPG) applications and awards, success rates, and total funding for these awards by RPG activity code and Institute/Center (IC). The chart is currently configured to plot total funding for competing (new and competing renewal) R01s on the horizontal axis and funding for competing R21s on the vertical axis. Each bubble is color-coded to represent one of the ICs, and the size of the bubbles is proportional to each IC's R01 success rate. Click the Play button to view changes from fiscal year 1997 to 2014.

Customizing this figure:

Click on the axis titles to show applications, awards, funding, or success rates for any RPG activity code. The size and color of the bubbles also can reflect any of these measures. The "Trails" checkbox is used to show the path of each bubble over time, and ICs can be (de)selected for emphasis. A tab at the upper right corner of the chart can be used to change from a moving bubble chart to a bar chart that is also customizable.

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