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The Source for news and information on NIH reports and the RePORT website https://report.nih.gov

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The ReSource Newsletter provides information on recent reports of NIH-funded activities and is the primary source of news and information on the Research Portfolio and Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) website. RePORT provides access to reports, data, and analyses of NIH research activities, including information on NIH expenditures and the results of NIH-Supported research. RePORT is ever-expanding with new reports, tools, and concepts for displaying data. Look to The ReSource for the latest developments and handy tips and tricks for using the site and its tools.

RePORTER – RePORT Expenditures and Results RePORTER – RePORT Expenditures And Results

New Feature Highlights

System Health Indicator

System Health Indicator 

The RePORTER page now has a color coded System Health Icon to provide performance information at a glance. Located in the banner at the top of each page, System Health is expressed in one of three different colors: green indicates no issues; yellow indicates that some portion of the site isn’t working properly or there is a performance issue such as slowness due to volume; and red means there are major problems with the site and you should come back later.

Text Search For Publications
Publications Search

Text search capability has been extended to publications citing support from NIH-funded projects. The publication text search includes the publication’s title, abstract, or keyword tags (e.g., MeSH headings).

News and More Catch The Latest News And More

A new "News and More" tab has been added to both the Projects Search Results and Project Information pages. This tab provides links to news and other stories about projects in your search results. Featured are press releases related to NIH-funded extramural research, NIH Recovery Act Investment Reports, and Recover Act Stories. (Recovery Act information available only for projects funded in FY 2009 and 2010.) While the press releases do not provide full coverage of NIH-funded research (the focus of the current pilot is research supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences), we hope to include more institutes and centers in the near future.

The News and More tab provides links to a website containing the press release or story and, if available, related journal articles or PubMed abstracts.  Combined with your favorite query, use this feature to find the latest news in your neck of the woods or research area of interest.

Press Releases

map beta Awards By Location Available In RePORTER

In the last issue of The ReSource, we announced a new mapping tool called Awards by Location and Organization. Now the same features of the Awards by Location tool are available in RePORTER, allowing you to view search results on a map and drill down for more information.

Newly added to our mapping capabilities is color coding of regions of the country (we used U.S. congressional districts) representing the relative density of funding for projects in your RePORTER search results.

Map 1Map 2

Click on a highlighted Country or State to zoom in and view the individual locations. A “balloon” icon marks each organization and can be clicked on for detailed information about the projects.

Once the icon is opened a project list will provide each project number, hyperlinked to its RePORTER Project Details page and each project title is hyperlinked to its Project Description page.

If a cluster of icons are too close together to isolate one easily, use the zoom in feature to spread them out.

Data and Visualize Enhanced Data And Visualize Tab

The previous Visualization Tab has been renamed and enhanced with a corresponding Summary Funding Data Table. Select a report format from the menu. Hit Lists can be summarized by fiscal year, administrating I/C, funding mechanism, activity code or organization.

Graph choices include Column, Bar, Pie and Line Charts.

Radio button selections have been added to allow users to now graph either the number of projects in the search results or total funding.

The data table can be sorted by IC, the number of projects, or total funding, and the graph will automatically update to reflect the change. Export capabilities include moving the data to Excel and the graph to PowerPoint. Data Visualization Chart

Multiple PI / Project Leader
Looking For More Than One Contact PI/Project Leader’s Projects?

Search for more than one Contact PI/Project Leader’s projects by clicking on "Enter several PI/Project Leader names" link. This will open a window in which to enter a maximum of 100 entries, and each name pair (last name, first name) must be separated by a semi-colon.

Using the % wildcard feature provides a lot of flexibility when searching gets tricky due to details such as middle initials used in one project and not another, and whether or not a period was used with the initial. If your results do not seem correct, clear the query and enter it again using the wildcard before or after the names and don’t use a middle initial.

Export Publications In MEDLINE Format

Export Options

The Medline format is now an export option, so that publications related to your query can be imported into a citation manager.


Get organized for the New Year now! Update your saved query list and portfolios.MyReporter is a great way to stay up to date with all the research and special interest topics that are important to you. This tool is a time saving, flexible and powerful resource for tracking research activities. Additionally, you can send your colleagues results and have lists of new publications or new projects sent automatically to your email with a click of a button!

If you have not tried MyRePORTER yet, see what you’ve been missing and sign up for an account.

Saved Queries

ExPORTER Enhancements

A new process will create weekly ExPORTER files. This database is on the same weekly refresh cycle as RePORTER so the most current information is available.

Announcements concerning ExPORTER will be sent out regularly to user email accounts. Sign up for a subscription to receive the latest news.

The ExPORTER FAQ page has been updated, and includes questions about new features and capabilities.

2012 Brings An All New Look To RePORT

Saved Queries

Scheduled for release soon, this new user interface takes advantage of the most current best practices in application software usability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Fiscal Year 2011 In Review

The 2011 ExPORTER files have been prepared and are ready for access from the ExPORTER Data Catalog.

The FY 2011 version of the NIH Data Book with updated data and charts is now available. The FY 2010 Data book is archived and can be downloaded in PDF and PPT formats.

All web-based RePORTs have been updated. Powerful and easy to use, the Awards by Location and Organization data has been refreshed and it now serves as the single reporting site for information on funded organizations by geographical location. With all the supporting project information tied in for convenience, NIH-supported research can be seen across the spectrum from the big picture of funded organizations on a map right down to the funding details of a single project. Older RePORT webpages with funding by organization were retired from RePORT on February 17, 2012.

To submit questions, comments, and feedback about RePORT, please email report@od.nih.gov. To submit questions, comments, and feedback about RePORT,
please email RePORT@od.nih.gov.
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