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What are ARRA Investment Reports?

ARRA Investment Reports provide highlights of NIH ARRA-funded projects on some of the major topics of interest to the public and groups involved in biomedical research funding. The reports are designed to describe, in plain language, the need for research on a specific disease or other health-related topics and how ARRA-funded projects are addressing these needs.

Do these reports represent all of the grants funded by NIH through ARRA?

No. It is important to note that these reports represent only a small subset of the thousands of grants that were awarded through ARRA. Information on all of the grants funded to date can be accessed at

Who developed these reports?

The ARRA Investment Reports were developed by the NIH Institutes and Centers and several other NIH Offices, including the Office of the Director, which are involved in awarding ARRA grants to scientific researchers. The reports are compiled, maintained and publicly posted by the NIH Office of Science Policy.

How were the topics of the reports chosen?

The topics generally are those that NIH tracks in order to be able to report how funds are spent across the NIH. In addition, the NIH Institutes and Centers were asked to report on other areas of ARRA funding that they believe to be of particular interest.

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