Small Business Research (SBIR / STTR)
SBIR grants: Competing awards, by phase

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Legend Phase I Phase II Fast Track Phase I, II and Fast Track Combined SBIR grants: Competing awards, by phase
X=2011;Y=781 X=2012;Y=946 X=2010;Y=927 X=2008;Y=1,084 X=2009;Y=965 X=2016;Y=892 X=2017;Y=974 X=2015;Y=755 X=2013;Y=722 X=2014;Y=952 X=2001;Y=1,229 X=2002;Y=1,265 X=2000;Y=1,177 X=1998;Y=919 X=1999;Y=1,150 X=2006;Y=1,080 X=2007;Y=975 X=2005;Y=1,118 X=2003;Y=1,370 X=2004;Y=1,334 X=2011;Y=42 X=2012;Y=57 X=2010;Y=67 X=2008;Y=66 X=2009;Y=54 X=2016;Y=67 X=2017;Y=101 X=2015;Y=66 X=2013;Y=49 X=2014;Y=71 X=2001;Y=38 X=2002;Y=50 X=2000;Y=34 X=1998;Y=11 X=1999;Y=45 X=2006;Y=41 X=2007;Y=40 X=2005;Y=28 X=2003;Y=61 X=2004;Y=59 X=2011;Y=203 X=2012;Y=222 X=2010;Y=246 X=2008;Y=283 X=2009;Y=261 X=2016;Y=299 X=2017;Y=324 X=2015;Y=241 X=2013;Y=178 X=2014;Y=229 X=2001;Y=344 X=2002;Y=335 X=2000;Y=231 X=1998;Y=225 X=1999;Y=276 X=2006;Y=355 X=2007;Y=279 X=2005;Y=312 X=2003;Y=327 X=2004;Y=302 X=2011;Y=536 X=2012;Y=667 X=2010;Y=614 X=2008;Y=735 X=2009;Y=650 X=2016;Y=526 X=2017;Y=549 X=2015;Y=514 X=2013;Y=495 X=2014;Y=652 X=2001;Y=847 X=2002;Y=880 X=2000;Y=912 X=1998;Y=683 X=1999;Y=829 X=2006;Y=684 X=2007;Y=656 X=2005;Y=778 X=2003;Y=982 X=2004;Y=973 SBIR grants: Competing awards, by phase

Beginning with fiscal year 2009, awards made under Reimbursable agreements, appropriations to NIH for Superfund-related activities, Gift Funds, and Breast Cancer Research Stamp Funds are not included.

FY 2009 and 2010 exclude awards made under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and all ARRA solicited applications and awards.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) is defined by the following activity codes: R43, R44, SB1, U43 and U44.

Source: NIH IMPAC, Success Rate File.