NIH Peer Review
Peer Reviewers, by Fiscal Year and Type of Review

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Legend Regular Mail % Regular Peer Reviewers, by Fiscal Year and Type of Review
X=2015;Y=96 X=2016;Y=97 X=2017;Y=97 X=2014;Y=95 X=2011;Y=94 X=2012;Y=91 X=2013;Y=92 X=2015;Y=893 X=2016;Y=829 X=2017;Y=670 X=2014;Y=1,147 X=2011;Y=1,457 X=2012;Y=2,101 X=2013;Y=2,063 X=2015;Y=24,241 X=2016;Y=25,047 X=2017;Y=25,553 X=2014;Y=22,829 X=2011;Y=22,420 X=2012;Y=22,569 X=2013;Y=23,218 Peer Reviewers, by Fiscal Year and Type of Review
"Reviewers" refers to the number of distinct reviewers who were listed on a meeting roster for the given time period. If a reviewer served on two different review panels in a single year, he is counted as one reviewer.

"Mail" reviewers are those reviewers who served only as Mail reviewers during the given time period. Therefore, a reviewer who came to two different review meetings and participated in a third meeting as a Mail reviewer would be counted as a "Regular" reviewer. A reviewer who participated as a Mail reviewer for three different review meetings, but not as a Regular reviewer, would be listed as a Mail reviewer. [A Mail reviewer provides written critique(s), criterion scores, and an initial overall impact score(s) on a particular grant application(s), by some form of mail, electronic, or internet-assisted communication to the Designated Federal Official, but does not attend the meeting or participate in the discussion of the application(s) and does not provide a final overall impact score(s).]

The analysis does not include critiques for reviews of R&D contract proposals or Loan Repayment Program applications.