National Statistics on Postdoctorates in the Biomedical, Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Sciences
Postdoctorates, by citizenship and degree

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Legend Temporary Visa Holders, PhD U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents, PhD U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents, MD Temporary Visa Holders, MD Postdoctorates, by citizenship and degree
X=2005;Y=14,803 X=2006;Y=15,412 X=2007;Y=16,159 X=2004;Y=14,281 X=2001;Y=12,499 X=2002;Y=12,597 X=2003;Y=13,884 X=2008;Y=16,391 X=2013;Y=18,224 X=2014;Y=18,790 X=2015;Y=19,274 X=2012;Y=18,673 X=2009;Y=17,229 X=2010;Y=18,768 X=2011;Y=18,771 X=2000;Y=11,646 X=1989;Y=5,451 X=1990;Y=6,043 X=1991;Y=6,633 X=1988;Y=4,819 X=1985;Y=3,260 X=1986;Y=3,657 X=1987;Y=4,204 X=1992;Y=7,244 X=1997;Y=9,118 X=1998;Y=9,748 X=1999;Y=10,610 X=1996;Y=8,681 X=1993;Y=7,743 X=1994;Y=8,287 X=1995;Y=8,331 X=2005;Y=12,349 X=2006;Y=12,503 X=2007;Y=13,288 X=2004;Y=11,517 X=2001;Y=10,656 X=2002;Y=11,340 X=2003;Y=11,322 X=2008;Y=14,817 X=2013;Y=16,741 X=2014;Y=17,265 X=2015;Y=16,521 X=2012;Y=17,011 X=2009;Y=16,016 X=2010;Y=17,597 X=2011;Y=17,023 X=2000;Y=11,102 X=1989;Y=7,665 X=1990;Y=7,646 X=1991;Y=7,616 X=1988;Y=7,164 X=1985;Y=7,005 X=1986;Y=7,317 X=1987;Y=7,150 X=1992;Y=8,022 X=1997;Y=10,189 X=1998;Y=11,440 X=1999;Y=10,523 X=1996;Y=10,141 X=1993;Y=8,608 X=1994;Y=9,302 X=1995;Y=9,723 X=2005;Y=2,508 X=2006;Y=2,425 X=2007;Y=2,246 X=2004;Y=2,666 X=2001;Y=2,804 X=2002;Y=2,759 X=2003;Y=2,732 X=2008;Y=2,333 X=2013;Y=2,907 X=2014;Y=2,892 X=2015;Y=2,753 X=2012;Y=3,113 X=2009;Y=2,695 X=2010;Y=2,959 X=2011;Y=3,227 X=2000;Y=2,959 X=1989;Y=2,983 X=1990;Y=3,287 X=1991;Y=3,208 X=1988;Y=2,916 X=1985;Y=2,750 X=1986;Y=2,807 X=1987;Y=2,860 X=1992;Y=3,247 X=1997;Y=3,288 X=1998;Y=3,020 X=1999;Y=3,082 X=1996;Y=2,946 X=1993;Y=3,389 X=1994;Y=3,447 X=1995;Y=3,014 X=2005;Y=2,680 X=2006;Y=2,516 X=2007;Y=2,276 X=2004;Y=3,060 X=2001;Y=3,748 X=2002;Y=3,457 X=2003;Y=3,416 X=2008;Y=2,269 X=2013;Y=2,484 X=2014;Y=2,398 X=2015;Y=2,241 X=2012;Y=2,576 X=2009;Y=2,264 X=2010;Y=2,713 X=2011;Y=2,638 X=2000;Y=3,649 X=1989;Y=2,298 X=1990;Y=2,615 X=1991;Y=2,867 X=1988;Y=1,950 X=1985;Y=1,387 X=1986;Y=1,639 X=1987;Y=1,960 X=1992;Y=3,361 X=1997;Y=3,447 X=1998;Y=3,448 X=1999;Y=3,410 X=1996;Y=3,590 X=1993;Y=3,480 X=1994;Y=3,721 X=1995;Y=3,161 Postdoctorates, by citizenship and degree
* In 2010, the postdoctoral appointee (postdoc) section of survey was expanded and significant effort made to ensure that appropriate personnel were providing postdoc data. More information on the changes to the postdoc data collection is available at As a result, it is unclear how much of increase reported in 2010 represents growth in postdoctoral appointments and how much results from improved data collection. 2010 should be treated as break in trend data.

Due to the expansion of the postdoc data collection, the data regarding the types of doctoral degrees held by postdocs reported in 2010 and later are not directly comparable to data reported in 2009 and prior years.

Postdoc data from 2010 and 2011 were reimputed following the 2012 data collection; these data supersede those contained in previous reports.

See for more information about the fields that make up the clinical sciences.

SOURCE: National Institutes of Health, NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering.