National Statistics on Postdoctorates in the Biomedical, Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Sciences
Postdoctorates in the clinical sciences, by citizenship and gender

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Legend U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents, Male U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents, Female Temporary Visa Holders, Male Temporary Visa Holders, Female Postdoctorates in the clinical sciences, by citizenship and gender
X=2006;Y=3,484 X=2005;Y=3,509 X=2008;Y=3,819 X=2007;Y=3,326 X=2002;Y=3,229 X=2001;Y=3,616 X=2004;Y=3,031 X=2003;Y=3,007 X=2014;Y=4,205 X=2013;Y=4,006 X=2016;Y=4,175 X=2015;Y=3,949 X=2010;Y=4,236 X=2009;Y=3,961 X=2012;Y=4,149 X=2011;Y=4,011 X=1990;Y=2,805 X=1989;Y=2,689 X=1992;Y=2,838 X=1991;Y=2,691 X=1986;Y=2,559 X=1985;Y=2,471 X=1988;Y=2,489 X=1987;Y=2,464 X=1998;Y=3,732 X=1997;Y=3,442 X=2000;Y=4,015 X=1999;Y=3,478 X=1994;Y=3,173 X=1993;Y=3,098 X=1996;Y=3,156 X=1995;Y=2,996 X=2006;Y=2,881 X=2005;Y=2,855 X=2008;Y=3,560 X=2007;Y=3,089 X=2002;Y=2,359 X=2001;Y=2,165 X=2004;Y=2,576 X=2003;Y=2,548 X=2014;Y=5,120 X=2013;Y=4,888 X=2016;Y=5,044 X=2015;Y=4,907 X=2010;Y=4,569 X=2009;Y=3,982 X=2012;Y=4,954 X=2011;Y=4,598 X=1990;Y=1,349 X=1989;Y=1,227 X=1992;Y=1,503 X=1991;Y=1,380 X=1986;Y=1,162 X=1985;Y=1,021 X=1988;Y=1,194 X=1987;Y=1,085 X=1998;Y=2,563 X=1997;Y=2,203 X=2000;Y=2,264 X=1999;Y=2,245 X=1994;Y=2,047 X=1993;Y=1,738 X=1996;Y=2,024 X=1995;Y=1,918 X=2006;Y=4,047 X=2005;Y=3,908 X=2008;Y=4,065 X=2007;Y=4,239 X=2002;Y=4,014 X=2001;Y=3,994 X=2004;Y=3,911 X=2003;Y=3,996 X=2014;Y=5,431 X=2013;Y=5,422 X=2016;Y=5,460 X=2015;Y=5,432 X=2010;Y=5,382 X=2009;Y=4,489 X=2012;Y=5,356 X=2011;Y=5,350 X=1990;Y=2,253 X=1989;Y=1,989 X=1992;Y=2,886 X=1991;Y=2,503 X=1986;Y=1,369 X=1985;Y=1,213 X=1988;Y=1,721 X=1987;Y=1,646 X=1998;Y=3,535 X=1997;Y=3,276 X=2000;Y=3,715 X=1999;Y=3,593 X=1994;Y=3,482 X=1993;Y=3,073 X=1996;Y=3,343 X=1995;Y=3,014 X=2006;Y=2,522 X=2005;Y=2,317 X=2008;Y=2,841 X=2007;Y=2,637 X=2002;Y=2,162 X=2001;Y=2,105 X=2004;Y=2,284 X=2003;Y=2,187 X=2014;Y=3,763 X=2013;Y=3,679 X=2016;Y=3,915 X=2015;Y=3,841 X=2010;Y=3,677 X=2009;Y=3,040 X=2012;Y=3,604 X=2011;Y=3,594 X=1990;Y=828 X=1989;Y=709 X=1992;Y=1,183 X=1991;Y=981 X=1986;Y=408 X=1985;Y=314 X=1988;Y=566 X=1987;Y=497 X=1998;Y=1,603 X=1997;Y=1,546 X=2000;Y=1,947 X=1999;Y=1,699 X=1994;Y=1,375 X=1993;Y=1,248 X=1996;Y=1,405 X=1995;Y=1,249 Postdoctorates in the clinical sciences, by citizenship and gender
Figures from 2009 and earlier are not directly comparable to figures for 2010 and later, due to major changes in the survey instrument and procedures, as described at

See for more information about the fields that make up the biomedical, behavioral and social, and clinical sciences.

Source: National Institutes of Health, NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering.