National Statistics on Graduate Students in the Biomedical, Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Sciences
Primary mechanisms of National Institutes of Health (NIH) support for full-time graduate students

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Legend Fellowships Traineeships Research Assistantships Other Mechanisms Primary mechanisms of National Institutes of Health (NIH) support for full-time graduate students
X=2005;Y=1,342 X=2006;Y=1,479 X=2007;Y=1,689 X=2004;Y=1,443 X=2001;Y=1,208 X=2002;Y=1,402 X=2003;Y=1,278 X=2008;Y=1,616 X=2013;Y=1,569 X=2014;Y=1,613 X=2015;Y=1,721 X=2012;Y=1,572 X=2009;Y=1,668 X=2010;Y=1,723 X=2011;Y=1,615 X=2000;Y=1,082 X=1989;Y=481 X=1990;Y=609 X=1991;Y=633 X=1988;Y=503 X=1985;Y=462 X=1986;Y=504 X=1987;Y=515 X=1992;Y=746 X=1997;Y=968 X=1998;Y=1,076 X=1999;Y=1,240 X=1996;Y=959 X=1993;Y=810 X=1994;Y=877 X=1995;Y=927 X=2005;Y=5,214 X=2006;Y=5,208 X=2007;Y=4,841 X=2004;Y=5,103 X=2001;Y=4,312 X=2002;Y=4,715 X=2003;Y=5,122 X=2008;Y=4,821 X=2013;Y=4,153 X=2014;Y=4,114 X=2015;Y=4,098 X=2012;Y=4,673 X=2009;Y=5,115 X=2010;Y=4,958 X=2011;Y=4,954 X=2000;Y=4,496 X=1989;Y=3,576 X=1990;Y=3,777 X=1991;Y=4,044 X=1988;Y=3,614 X=1985;Y=3,531 X=1986;Y=3,405 X=1987;Y=3,577 X=1992;Y=4,056 X=1997;Y=4,001 X=1998;Y=4,298 X=1999;Y=4,544 X=1996;Y=4,230 X=1993;Y=4,188 X=1994;Y=4,292 X=1995;Y=4,130 X=2005;Y=13,735 X=2006;Y=14,028 X=2007;Y=13,604 X=2004;Y=13,405 X=2001;Y=9,437 X=2002;Y=10,555 X=2003;Y=11,863 X=2008;Y=12,912 X=2013;Y=11,576 X=2014;Y=10,324 X=2015;Y=9,983 X=2012;Y=12,449 X=2009;Y=13,296 X=2010;Y=13,919 X=2011;Y=13,123 X=2000;Y=9,246 X=1989;Y=6,826 X=1990;Y=6,984 X=1991;Y=7,567 X=1988;Y=6,018 X=1985;Y=4,154 X=1986;Y=4,759 X=1987;Y=5,217 X=1992;Y=8,018 X=1997;Y=8,956 X=1998;Y=8,557 X=1999;Y=8,872 X=1996;Y=8,737 X=1993;Y=8,743 X=1994;Y=8,753 X=1995;Y=8,834 X=2005;Y=1,026 X=2006;Y=1,197 X=2007;Y=925 X=2004;Y=999 X=2001;Y=766 X=2002;Y=762 X=2003;Y=928 X=2008;Y=899 X=2013;Y=423 X=2014;Y=462 X=2015;Y=437 X=2012;Y=524 X=2009;Y=839 X=2010;Y=959 X=2011;Y=522 X=2000;Y=705 X=1989;Y=291 X=1990;Y=281 X=1991;Y=274 X=1988;Y=266 X=1985;Y=230 X=1986;Y=229 X=1987;Y=294 X=1992;Y=357 X=1997;Y=352 X=1998;Y=543 X=1999;Y=611 X=1996;Y=343 X=1993;Y=351 X=1994;Y=295 X=1995;Y=297 Primary mechanisms of National Institutes of Health (NIH) support for full-time graduate students
(a) Data were collected for NIH teaching assistantships until 2007. The "other mechanisms" column for 2007 and prior includes NIH teaching assistantships and other mechanisms of support.

See for more information about the fields that make up the biomedical, behavioral and social, and clinical sciences.

Source: National Institutes of Health, NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering.