National Statistics on Graduate Students in the Biomedical, Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Sciences
Primary source of federal support for full-time graduate students

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Legend NIH Other Federal Sources NSF HHS (excluding NIH) Primary source of federal support for full-time graduate students
X=2005;Y=21,317 X=2006;Y=21,912 X=2007;Y=21,059 X=2004;Y=20,950 X=2001;Y=15,723 X=2002;Y=17,434 X=2003;Y=19,191 X=2008;Y=20,248 X=2013;Y=17,721 X=2014;Y=16,513 X=2015;Y=16,239 X=2012;Y=19,218 X=2009;Y=20,918 X=2010;Y=21,559 X=2011;Y=20,214 X=2000;Y=15,529 X=1989;Y=11,174 X=1990;Y=11,651 X=1991;Y=12,518 X=1988;Y=10,401 X=1985;Y=8,377 X=1986;Y=8,897 X=1987;Y=9,603 X=1992;Y=13,177 X=1997;Y=14,277 X=1998;Y=14,474 X=1999;Y=15,267 X=1996;Y=14,269 X=1993;Y=14,092 X=1994;Y=14,217 X=1995;Y=14,188 X=2005;Y=4,843 X=2006;Y=4,723 X=2007;Y=4,742 X=2004;Y=4,597 X=2001;Y=4,084 X=2002;Y=4,638 X=2003;Y=4,564 X=2008;Y=4,159 X=2013;Y=3,613 X=2014;Y=3,244 X=2015;Y=3,281 X=2012;Y=3,947 X=2009;Y=4,125 X=2010;Y=4,445 X=2011;Y=4,448 X=2000;Y=4,356 X=1989;Y=2,944 X=1990;Y=3,229 X=1991;Y=3,288 X=1988;Y=2,981 X=1985;Y=2,856 X=1986;Y=2,878 X=1987;Y=2,959 X=1992;Y=3,549 X=1997;Y=4,094 X=1998;Y=4,110 X=1999;Y=4,237 X=1996;Y=4,156 X=1993;Y=3,941 X=1994;Y=4,405 X=1995;Y=4,260 X=2005;Y=3,124 X=2006;Y=3,068 X=2007;Y=3,057 X=2004;Y=3,019 X=2001;Y=2,249 X=2002;Y=2,415 X=2003;Y=2,821 X=2008;Y=3,122 X=2013;Y=4,186 X=2014;Y=4,034 X=2015;Y=3,951 X=2012;Y=4,316 X=2009;Y=3,438 X=2010;Y=3,685 X=2011;Y=4,088 X=2000;Y=2,209 X=1989;Y=1,570 X=1990;Y=1,576 X=1991;Y=1,704 X=1988;Y=1,458 X=1985;Y=1,376 X=1986;Y=1,419 X=1987;Y=1,468 X=1992;Y=1,864 X=1997;Y=2,077 X=1998;Y=2,116 X=1999;Y=2,150 X=1996;Y=2,063 X=1993;Y=1,944 X=1994;Y=1,959 X=1995;Y=1,988 X=2005;Y=819 X=2006;Y=783 X=2007;Y=714 X=2004;Y=847 X=2001;Y=1,178 X=2002;Y=1,089 X=2003;Y=1,115 X=2008;Y=840 X=2013;Y=774 X=2014;Y=676 X=2015;Y=820 X=2012;Y=774 X=2009;Y=760 X=2010;Y=788 X=2011;Y=902 X=2000;Y=926 X=1989;Y=937 X=1990;Y=988 X=1991;Y=1,011 X=1988;Y=744 X=1985;Y=867 X=1986;Y=785 X=1987;Y=783 X=1992;Y=956 X=1997;Y=975 X=1998;Y=931 X=1999;Y=856 X=1996;Y=964 X=1993;Y=661 X=1994;Y=864 X=1995;Y=970 Primary source of federal support for full-time graduate students
HHS = U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; NIH = National Institutes of Health; NSF = National Science Foundation.

See for more information about the fields that make up the biomedical, behavioral and social, and clinical sciences.

Source: National Institutes of Health, NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering.