National Statistics on Graduate Students in the Biomedical, Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Sciences
Graduate enrollment in the biomedical sciences, by gender

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Legend Male Female Graduate enrollment in the biomedical sciences, by gender
X=2006;Y=28,914 X=2005;Y=28,344 X=2008;Y=29,554 X=2007;Y=29,082 X=2002;Y=25,444 X=2001;Y=24,025 X=2004;Y=27,487 X=2003;Y=27,019 X=2014;Y=31,332 X=2013;Y=31,228 X=2016;Y=31,040 X=2015;Y=31,551 X=2010;Y=30,582 X=2009;Y=30,170 X=2012;Y=31,575 X=2011;Y=31,234 X=1990;Y=22,210 X=1989;Y=21,677 X=1992;Y=24,074 X=1991;Y=23,029 X=1986;Y=20,381 X=1985;Y=20,079 X=1988;Y=21,003 X=1987;Y=20,502 X=1998;Y=23,939 X=1997;Y=24,285 X=2000;Y=23,626 X=1999;Y=24,173 X=1994;Y=25,202 X=1993;Y=24,505 X=1996;Y=24,710 X=1995;Y=25,198 X=2006;Y=30,659 X=2005;Y=29,627 X=2008;Y=31,758 X=2007;Y=31,417 X=2002;Y=24,621 X=2001;Y=22,506 X=2004;Y=28,518 X=2003;Y=27,148 X=2014;Y=32,915 X=2013;Y=33,269 X=2016;Y=33,347 X=2015;Y=33,171 X=2010;Y=32,703 X=2009;Y=32,577 X=2012;Y=33,422 X=2011;Y=33,225 X=1990;Y=15,959 X=1989;Y=15,096 X=1992;Y=17,799 X=1991;Y=16,952 X=1986;Y=13,145 X=1985;Y=12,485 X=1988;Y=14,230 X=1987;Y=13,438 X=1998;Y=19,860 X=1997;Y=19,681 X=2000;Y=21,265 X=1999;Y=20,891 X=1994;Y=19,403 X=1993;Y=18,718 X=1996;Y=19,764 X=1995;Y=19,848 Graduate enrollment in the biomedical sciences, by gender
See for more information about the fields that make up the biomedical, behavioral and social, and clinical sciences.

Source: National Institutes of Health, NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering.