Classification of the NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering (GSS) Fields

The table below lists the fields included in the biomedical, behavioral and social, and clinical sciences classifications. All units where the highest degree granted was a master's were excluded from these tabulations. The GSS field code is provided in parentheses after the field name.

Biomedical Sciences Behavioral and Social Sciences Clinical Sciences
Anatomy (601) Anthropology (cultural and social) (902) Anesthesiology (701)5
Biochemistry (602) Clinical psychology (803) Biometry and epidemiology (604)
Biology (603) Multidisciplinary (980)4 Cardiology (702)
Biomedical engineering (103) Psychology, combined (801) Clinical medicine, nec (717)
Biophysics (605) Psychology, except clinical (802) Communication disorders sciences (723)
Biosciences, nec (617) Sociology (908) Dental sciences (718)5
Cell and molecular biology (607) Sociology/anthropology (909) Gastroenterology (705)
Ecology (608)   Health related, nec (722)5
Endocrinology (704)   Hematology (706)
Entomology and parasitology (609)   Multidisciplinary (980)6
Genetics (610)   Neurology (707)
Medicinal chemistry1   Nursing (719)5
Microbiology, immunology, and virology (611)   Obstetrics and gynecology (708)
Multidisciplinary (980)2
  Oncology/cancer research (703)
Neuroscience (950)3   Ophthalmology (709)
Pathology (613)   Otorhinolaryngology (710)
Pharmacology (614)   Pediatrics (711)
Physiology (615)   Pharmaceutical sciences (720)
Zoology (616)   Preventive medicine and community health (712)5
    Psychiatry (713)
    Pulmonary disease (714)
    Radiology (715)
    Surgery (716)
    Veterinary sciences (721)

nec = not elsewhere classified; NIH = National Institutes of Health; NSF = National Science Foundation

1 Graduate students and postdoctoral appointees in chemistry (202) were included if the unit name was "medicinal chemistry" or if the unit was located within a school of medicine, nursing, dentistry, or public health.

2 Including selected multidisciplinary fields related to the biomedical sciences, such as biotechnology (postdoctorates only), nanotechnology, and neural science.

3 Added to the GSS as a distinct field in 2007.

4 Including selected multidisciplinary fields related to the behavioral and social sciences, such as cognitive science and social behavior.

5 Postdoctorates in the following fields were included in clinical sciences: anesthesiology (701), preventive medicine and community health (712), dental sciences (718), nursing (719), and health related, nec (722). Graduate students in these fields were not included.

6 Including selected multidisciplinary fields related to the clinical sciences, such as gerontology (postdoctorates only).

SOURCE: National Institutes of Health, NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering.