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ACD Biomedical Workforce Working Group Data

MD Post-Training Workforce

Biomedical Workforce Snapshot

Confidence in data accuracy: high (green), medium (yellow), low (red); for more details see colors

NOTE: The data used for the pie-chart was taken from the Physician Characteristics and Distribution in the US - 2012 Edition, by American Medical Association. The following AMA classifications (see definitions below) were used in the MD Workforce classifications:
  • Non-Research Non-Clinical: Administration
  • Government Research: no comparable AMA classification
  • Academic Research / Teaching or Patient Care: Medical Teaching, Research
  • Industrial Research: Other
  • Non-Research Patient Care: Patient Care (Office-based and Hospital-based)
  • Out of Labor Force: Inactive

Table of Major Professional Activity Classification:

Total Physicians by Age, Activity, 2010, both sexes

Major Professional Activity Classifications (Definitions):

  • Major professional activity (MPA) classifications are reported by physicians in the Physicians' Practice Arrangements (PPA) questionnaire. The physician's professional activity is shown in the two categories of Patient Care and Nonpatient care, the latter category being referred to as Other Professional Activity. Patient Care activities include Office-Based practice and Hospital-Based practice. Physicians in Residency training (including Clinical Fellows) and full time members of Hospital Staffs comprise Hospital-Based practice. Other Professional Activity includes Administration, Medical Teaching, Research, and Other Activities. The subcategory Clinical Fellows is no longer tabulated; physicians formerly counted as Clinical Fellows are now in the category Residents/Fellows and are tabulated as Residents.
  • Physicians who are retired, semi-retired, working part-time, temporarily not in practice, or not active for other reasons are classified as Inactive. Physicians are categorized as Not Classified if the American Medical Association (AMA) has not received any recent information as to their type of practice and present employment. Following are definitions of each of the MPA categories.
    • Office-Based Practice includes physicians engaged in seeing patients. Physicians may be in solo practice practice, group practice, two-physician practice, or other patient care employment. This category also includes physicians in patient services such as those provided by pathologists and radiologists.
    • Hospital-Based Practice includes physicians employed under contract with hospitals to provide direct patient care.
    • Residents - All Years includes any physician in supervised practice of medicine among patients in a hospital or in its outpatient department, with continued instruction in the science and art of medicine by the staff of the facility. This category also includes clinical fellows in advanced training in the clinical divisions of medicine, surgery, and other specialty fields preparing for practice in a given specialty. These physicians are engaged primarily in patient care.
    • Medical Teaching includes physicians with teaching appointments in medical schools, hospitals, nursing schools, or other institutions of higher learning.
    • Medical Research includes physicians in activities (funded or non-funded) performed to develop new medical knowledge, potentially leading to publication. This category also includes physicians in research fellowship programs distinct from an accredited residency program and those primarily engaged in nonpatient care.
    • Administration includes physicians in administrative activities in a hospital, health facility, health agency, clinic, group, or any similar organization.
    • Other Activity includes physicians employed by insurance carriers, pharmaceutical companies, corporations, voluntary organizations, medical societies, associations, grants, foreign countries, and the like.
    • Inactives include physicians who are retired, semiretired, working part-time, temporarily not in practice, or not active for other reasons and who indicated they worked 20 hours or less per week.
    • Not Classified includes physicians who did not provide information on their type of practice or their present employment.

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