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ACD Biomedical Workforce Working Group Data


Graduate Training Snapshot

Confidence in data accuracy: high (green), medium (yellow), low (red); for more details see colors.

[1]FASEB data, NSF GSS details

[2]According to the NSF SED, 70% of Life Sciences doctoral recipients with definite commitments report plans to become postdocs. NRC data of 2008 postdocs, which are based on postdoctoral intentions at graduation, indicate that 80% intend to do postdocs. Click for more information about Postdoctoral Plans

[3]NSF and NRC
Click for more information about Median Time to Degree

[4]Counsel of Graduate Schools
Click for more information about Completion Rates

[5] Based on which shows a 75% long term stay rate for foreign doctoral recipients in the life sciences (Table 3), who comprise 1/3 of all graduates

[6] FASEB data, NSF SED details

Trend Data:

  1. Overall
  2. By Citizenship
  3. By Type of Support

Additional Information:

  1. NIH Funding of Students and Postdocs
  2. FASEB Education and Employment Data Compilation Exit Disclaimer