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The Healthy Communities Study: How Communities Shape Children’s Health BAA NHLBI-HC-10-15

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NHLBI led the development of BAA HL-10-15 but several NIH ICs including NIDDK, NCI, NICHD, OBSSR and CDC worked collaboratively to further refine the solicitation. The purpose of this five year, nationwide study is to identify characteristics of community programs and policies that may help reduce childhood obesity. The goal is to inform public-health practice and policy by identifying community approaches that may work best for reducing childhood obesity. The award for the BAA contract was made in mid-August 2010 and NHLBI and its NIH, CDC, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation partners are finalizing the protocol for the study. The project contractor will evaluate 275 communities, with over 23,000 children, and will collect data on both children and communities.

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