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Title of Collaborative Activity:

Enhanced NIH Reporting on Research Spending

Description of Collaborative Activity:

In early 2016, in response to a Congressional request from the FY16 Omnibus budget, NIH collaborated with the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) at the CDC to post federally sourced data on prevalence, from the National Health Interview Survey, and mortality, from the National Vital Statistics system, leveraging NCHS expertise to match these data sources to disease categories for which NIH reports spending totals. NIH intends to update these data on an annual basis, in regular consultation with NCHS, in order to maintain as accurate and comprehensive a dataset as possible. These data are posted alongside the RCDC spending categories on the NIH RePORT website. NIH provided mortality data for 103 RCDC categories, and prevalence for 36, out of 265 total RCDC categories.

Type of Collaborative Activity:

Resource Development

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