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Title of Collaborative Activity:

NICHD Data Archiving and Specimen Hub (DASH) Committee

Description of Collaborative Activity:

The NICHD Director will consult the NICHD DASH Committee composed of NICHD staff with the appropriate policy knowledge. The Committee will provide oversight over the management and performance of NICHD DASH. Specialized sub-committees related to data submission, data access (such as the Data Access Committee), and quality control will report to the DASH Committee. In order to maintain policies consistent with evolving technological and ethical considerations, the NICHD Director will solicit, on an as needed basis, recommendations on the NICHD DASH Policy Statement from external experts representing public and scientific stakeholders through the NICHD Council. The NICHD DASH Committee will establish and maintain operating policies and procedures for NICHD DASH to address issues including, but not limited to: privacy and confidentiality of research participants, interests of individuals and groups, data submission procedures, data access and use procedures, and data security mechanisms based on the content and level of risk.

Type of Collaborative Activity:

Committee, Advisory Group, or Work Group

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