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Title of Collaborative Activity:

Biomarkers of Nutrition for Development (BOND) Convening: Summary of conclusions of Phase 1 and Future Plans

Description of Collaborative Activity:

BOND Objectives: To provide information and service to support the entire food/nutrition research and global health enterprise by developing consensus on accurate assessment methodologies that are applicable and relevant to users domestically and internationally in both the public and private sectors, and representing research (lab/clinical/surveillance); clinicians; program creators/implementers/evaluators), and: policy- makers (i.e., data consumers) Specific Meeting Objectives: To develop a “road map” for achieving greater utilization of the recommended biomarkers in: 1) assessing population and individual status globally, and 2) evaluating program outcomes, this meeting will: I. Summarize: o BOND Phase I Expert Panel conclusions for each of the Phase I nutrients (iron, zinc, iodine, vitamin A, folate and vitamin B12) o Results of relevant ancillary projects to address inflammation (INSPIRE/BRINDA) II. Discuss strategies to implement the findings clinically, programmatically and from a global policy perspective. This conversation will engage the members of the BOND Steering Committee, which includes key USG agencies involved in food and nutrition (NIH, USDA, CDC, FDA, USAID), relevant UN agencies (WHO, UNICEF, IAEA, WFP) NGOs (Sight and Life, GAIN, HarvestPlus) and the private sector. III. Provide an overview of currently available analytical technologies and platforms that can be used to o Measure the recommended biomarkers, including in field settings in LMICs; o Discuss potential new analytical technologies and platforms that may be required or desirable, and possible use of unconventional tissue specimens IV. Discuss future directions to facilitate deployment and implementation V. Present and discuss the BOND interactive web resource/QBS and future directions for BOND; o Its utility o Opportunities for data sharing/linkages.

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Meeting/ Workshop

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