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Title of Collaborative Activity:

Safety and Efficacy Evaluations of Topical Microbicide (TM)/Biomedical Prevention (BP) Products in the Repeat Low-Dose Macaque SIV/SHIV Infection Model

Description of Collaborative Activity:

The NIAID and CDC recognize the need to perform preclinical safety and efficacy evaluations of candidate products in the repeat low-dose (RLD) macaque SIV/SHIV infection model that has been established by CDC. NIAID established an interagency agreement with CDC in order to: 1) conduct safety and efficacy evaluations of TM/BP products in the RLD macaque model -- including pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic analyses of candidate biomedical prevention products; 2) utilize relevant macaque species, virus strains, and routes of infection to accomplish the proposed evaluations; and 3) perform other macaque studies as needed.

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