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Project Listing by Category

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CategoryFYFunding ICProject NumberSub Project #Project TitlePI NameOrg NameState / CountryAmount
Septicemia 2010 NCRR 1S10RR027047-01 TSQ Vantage Bundle with Acquity UltraPerformance LC DEUTZ, NICOLAAS UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS MED SCIS LTL ROCK AR $397,653
Septicemia 2010 NCRR 1S10RR027557-01 BD LSR II Special Order System POLLARD, KENNETH SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE CA $499,961
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5R21AI068816-02 Activation-inducible HIF-1alpha in Regulation of T Cells During Bacterial Sepsis LUKASHEV, DMITRIY NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY MA $195,000
Septicemia 2010 NCRR 1S10RR029687-01 Ibis T-6,000 Biosensor System SEARS, CYNTHIA JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY MD $641,500
Septicemia 2010 NHLBI 5R21HL093561-02 Cytoskeletal regulation of endothelial barrier function by WAVE2 SHAW, SUNIL WOMEN AND INFANTS HOSPITAL-RHODE ISLAND RI $222,600
Septicemia 2010 NHLBI 5R01HL090870-02 Novel Thrombotic and Inflammatory Activities of Platelets in Sepsis WEYRICH, ANDREW UNIVERSITY OF UTAH UT $528,189
Septicemia 2010 NHLBI 5R01HL075557-07 Macrophage Gene Expression in Acute Lung Inflammation CHRISTMAN, JOHN UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO IL $555,446
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 1RC2AI087591-01 A gene therapy for bacterial translocation in mice with whole body irradiation SUZUKI, FUJIO UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BR GALVESTON TX $549,708
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5R21AI072752-02 Virus interference with Toll like Receptor Response on Dendritic Cells ZUNIGA, ELINA UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO CA $187,675
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5R21AI076987-02 Sp1 As a Novel Protective Mechanism Against Septic inflammation And Organ Injury. LIU, SHU FEINSTEIN INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH NY $287,595
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5R01AI058106-08 TLR2 in Sepsis-Induced Coagulopathy, Endothelial Leak, and Pulmonary Dysfunction HELLMAN, JUDITH UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO CA $345,173
Septicemia 2010 NIAAA 5R01AA016013-02 Zinc inhibition of endotoxemia in alcoholic liver injury ZHOU, ZHANXIANG UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE KY $369,441
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 1RC2AI087612-01 Stem Cell Based Therapy For Radiation Induced Gastrointestinal Syndrome GUHA, CHANDAN ALBERT EINSTEIN COL OF MED YESHIVA UNIV NY $578,200
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5R21AI080907-02 Role of Polymorphonuclear Phagocytes in Malaria Sepsis GAZZINELLI, RICARDO UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MED SCH WORCESTER MA $205,625
Septicemia 2010 NHLBI 5R01HL092056-02 Mechanisms and Meanings of Impaired Microvascular Responses in Human Sepsis DOERSCHUG, KEVIN UNIVERSITY OF IOWA IA $373,567
Septicemia 2010 NIGMS 5R01GM046577-20 The Stress-Activated Protein Kinase Pathway KYRIAKIS, JOHN TUFTS MEDICAL CENTER MA $349,800
Septicemia 2010 NICHD 1R21HD065396-01 Severe H1N1 Influenza Infection During Pregnancy: Pathophysiologic Mechanisms PHILLIPPE, MARK UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT & ST AGRIC COLLEGE VT $227,500
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5R21AI073120-02 Synergy between SIV & Salmonella Infection BAUMLER, ANDREAS UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS CA $196,875
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5R42AI056603-03 A Novel Drug for Septicemia Targets A1 ARs WILSON, CONSTANCE ENDACEA, INC. NC $514,777
Septicemia 2010 NIGMS 1RC3GM093717-01 Plasma iNOS IVD Prognosticates Sepsis Prior to Organ Damage and Dysfunction WEBBER, ROBERT RESEARCH AND DIAGNOSTIC ANTIBODIES NV $2,585,963
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5R01AI057798-07 The roles of MKP-1 in Gram-negative bacterial sepsis and colitis LIU, YUSEN RESEARCH INST NATIONWIDE CHILDREN'S HOSP OH $324,000
Septicemia 2010 NIGMS 5R01GM088184-02 Role of VEGF and PlGF signaling in sepsis AIRD, WILLIAM BETH ISRAEL DEACONESS MEDICAL CENTER MA $375,750
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 7R01AI059111-05 Virulence Determinants in Staphylococcus Bacteremia GILL, STEVEN UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER NY $525,577
Septicemia 2010 NHLBI 5RC1HL100121-02 New Pathways in Thrombosis and Inflammation Mediated by Semaphorin-Plexin Signali ZIMMERMAN, GUY UNIVERSITY OF UTAH UT $498,264
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5R01AI081116-02 Development of a Molecular Blood Culture ALLAND, DAVID UNIV OF MED/DENT OF NJ-NJ MEDICAL SCHOOL NJ $390,000
Septicemia 2010 OD 5RC1EB010643-02 Highly Multiplexed LATE-PCR POC Pathogen Detection for Critical Care WILLIAMS, GREG SMITHS DETECTION, INC. MD $486,668
Septicemia 2010 OD 5RC1LM010310-02 A Model-integrated, Guideline-driven Process Management System for Sepsis WHEELER, ARTHUR VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY TN $440,875
Septicemia 2010 OD 5RC1MD004405-02 Critical Care Excellence in Sepsis and Trauma (CREST) FORD, DEE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA SC $498,237
Septicemia 2010 OD 5RC1GM091739-02 Validation of extracellular histones as biomarker and therapeutic target in sepsi LUPU, FLOREA OKLAHOMA MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION OK $500,000
Septicemia 2010 NIDDK 5R01DK084974-02 Ergocalciferol in ESRD Efficacy Safety and Biology THADHANI, RAVI MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL MA $442,500
Septicemia 2010 NIDDK 3R01DK075991-02S1 Mechanistic targets for intervention in sepsis-induced renal injury MAYEUX, PHILIP UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS MED SCIS LTL ROCK AR $67,063
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5F32AI082888-02 Bacterial cation exporters: a new signaling paradigm for bacterial virulence ROSCH, JASON ST. JUDE CHILDREN'S RESEARCH HOSPITAL TN $52,154
Septicemia 2010 NIDDK 3R01DK037908-19S1 Muscle Protein Turnover and Amino Acid Uptake in Sepsis HASSELGREN, PER-OLOF BETH ISRAEL DEACONESS MEDICAL CENTER MA $164,524
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5F31AI080159-02 Mechanisms of Monophosporyl Lipid A Immuno-Modulation in Septic Shock ROMERO, CHRISTOPHER-DAVID UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BR GALVESTON TX $29,346
Septicemia 2010 NIDDK 3R44DK074289-04S1 Cell Therapy for Septic Shock BUFFINGTON, DEBORAH INNOVATIVE BIOTHERAPIES, INC. MI $142,000
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 3U01AI066569-05S1 Plasma Protein Biomarker-Based Diagnostics of Outcome in Sepsis and CAP KINGSMORE, STEPHEN NATIONAL CENTER FOR GENOME RESOURCES NM $402,319
Septicemia 2010 NIGMS 3R01GM084447-02S1 Optimal Amino Acid Nutrition in Sepsis DEUTZ, NICOLAAS ARKANSAS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL RES INST AR $99,315
Septicemia 2010 NIDDK 3R01DK069929-05S2 Gastric Injury In Trauma and Surgical Sepsis SOYBEL, DAVID BRIGHAM AND WOMEN'S HOSPITAL MA $44,500
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 3R33AI080536-03S1 Radiation Combined Injury: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches WANG, PING FEINSTEIN INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH NY $103,750
Septicemia 2010 NIGMS 3R01GM079239-04S1 Critical Role of Nrf2 in Innate Immune Response and Survival During Sepsis BISWAL, SHYAM JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY MD $66,420
Septicemia 2010 NIAID 5P01AI083222-02 5931 Collectin-Medicated Defenses Against Gram-Negative Bacteria and Their Lipopolysac CROUCH, ERIKA WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY MO $372,941
Septicemia 2010 NIGMS 3R01GM057468-13S1 Sepsis and Mediators: the Role of MFG-E8 WANG, PING FEINSTEIN INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH NY $46,062

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