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Project Listing by Category

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CategoryFYFunding ICProject NumberSub Project #Project TitlePI NameOrg NameState / CountryAmount
Scleroderma 2010 NCRR 1S10RR025669-01A1 Using a MALDI-TOF System for SNP Analysis JAFARI, NADEREH NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY IL $415,830
Scleroderma 2010 NIAID 5R01AI074857-02 Thyroid Epithelial Cell Hyperplasia: Mechanisms of Induction MULLEN, HELEN UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI-COLUMBIA MO $353,703
Scleroderma 2010 NIAMS 5R03AR056767-02 Caveolin-1 regulation of altered functions of scleroderma fibrocytes TOURKINA, ELENA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA SC $73,750
Scleroderma 2010 NIAMS 5R03AR057544-02 Purinergic Modulation of Dermal Fibrosis CHAN, EDWIN NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE NY $84,500
Scleroderma 2010 NIAMS 5P30AR058910-02 Translational Vascular Biology in Autoimmune Diseases GLADWIN, MARK UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH AT PITTSBURGH PA $744,615
Scleroderma 2010 NIAID 3R01AI066008-06S1 Role of Autoreactivity in Pathogenesis of Chronic GVHD ZENG, DEFU CITY OF HOPE/BECKMAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE CA $410,248

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