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Project Listing by Category

Back to Estimates of Funding for Various Research, Condition, and Disease Categories (RCDC) Click the column headings to sort project listings.
CategoryFYFunding ICProject NumberSub Project #Project TitlePI NameOrg NameState / CountryAmount
Ovarian Cancer 2010 NCI 5R21CA137399-02 How Does Exercise Counteract Stress-Induced Tumor Growth SCHMANDT, ROSEMARIE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MD ANDERSON CAN CTR TX $169,400
Ovarian Cancer 2010 NCI 5R21CA141083-02 SPRY2 predicts survival post-chemotherapy in advanced ovarian cancer. PEREZ, RAYMOND DARTMOUTH COLLEGE NH $173,800
Ovarian Cancer 2010 NCI 5R21CA135830-02 FDG PET and Biomarkers in Treatment Response in Advanced Ovarian Cancer RAJENDRAN, JOSEPH UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA $342,015
Ovarian Cancer 2010 NCI 5R01CA131582-02 Identification of ovarian cancer plasma biomarkers SPEICHER, DAVID WISTAR INSTITUTE PA $426,197
Ovarian Cancer 2010 NCI 5R01CA135354-02 ARHI (DIRAS 3) in Autophagy and Dormancy of Ovarian Cancer BAST, ROBERT UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MD ANDERSON CAN CTR TX $319,550
Ovarian Cancer 2010 NCI 5R01CA100098-06 Targeted Proapoptotic Anticancer Drug Delivery Systems MINKO, TAMARA RUTGERS THE ST UNIV OF NJ NEW BRUNSWICK NJ $424,329
Ovarian Cancer 2010 NCI 5R01CA076016-12 The Molecular Epidemiology Of Ovarian Cancer SCHILDKRAUT, JOELLEN DUKE UNIVERSITY NC $691,712
Ovarian Cancer 2010 NCI 5R01CA140348-02 Intelligent Polymeric Nanogel Technology Overcoming Drug Resistance in Ovarian Ca JANAT-AMSBURY, MARGIT UNIVERSITY OF UTAH UT $312,115
Ovarian Cancer 2010 OD 5RC1CA146337-02 Targeted Photoactivatable Nanocells to Image and Treat Metastic Ovarian Cancer HASAN, TAYYABA MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL MA $474,804
Ovarian Cancer 2010 OD 1R15CA151006-01 Modulation of RGS proteins and Ovarian Cancer Chemoresistance MURPH, MANDI UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA (UGA) GA $371,250
Ovarian Cancer 2010 NCI 5RC2CA148268-02 Functional Annotation of Cancer Genomes: TCGA, Glioblastoma and Ovarian Cancer HAHN, WILLIAM DANA-FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE MA $2,998,170
Ovarian Cancer 2010 OD 1RC4CA156551-01 Genomic Stratification of Ovarian Cancer Patients BIRRER, MICHAEL MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL MA $3,723,748

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