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Project Listing by Category

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CategoryFYFunding ICProject NumberSub Project #Project TitlePI NameOrg NameState / CountryAmount
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAID 1RC1AI085952-01 Influence of Naive Lymphocyte Repertoire Size on Vaccination Efficancy JENKINS, MARC UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA TWIN CITIES MN $458,770
Hepatitis - B 2010 NCI 5R21CA135192-02 Role of Polo-like kinase (Plk-1) in Hepatitis B Virus-mediated Hepatocellular Car ANDRISANI, OURANIA PURDUE UNIVERSITY WEST LAFAYETTE IN $167,750
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAID 5R21AI083106-02 Virologic and Serologic Outcomes of Persons with HIV and HBV co-infection on Mono ABERG, JUDITH NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE NY $169,000
Hepatitis - B 2010 NCI 5R01CA055678-19 DNA Adduct-Induced Mutagenesis STONE, MICHAEL VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY TN $251,664
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAID 5R21AI077532-02 10-Theory and Experiment for Genome Packaging in HBV Nucleocapsids WU, JIANZHONG UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE CA $237,747
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAAA 5R21AA017458-02 A Microfluidic-platform Mini-Liver System for Human Liver Biology Studies BOUCHARD, MICHAEL DREXEL UNIVERSITY PA $190,482
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAID 5R01AI043453-13 Mechanisms of Hepadnavirus Assembly and Replication HU, JIANMING PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIV HERSHEY MED CTR PA $386,152
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAID 1R43AI089149-01 Stability and functionality of the Immunoject single-dose, auto-reconstitution de QUINN, BRIAN AKTIV-DRY, LLC CO $66,109
Hepatitis - B 2010 OD 1R43AI089149-01 Stability and functionality of the Immunoject single-dose, auto-reconstitution de QUINN, BRIAN AKTIV-DRY, LLC CO $133,891
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAAA 5R21AA018372-02 Ethanol and HBV Infection on HCC Development in A Novel Humanized Mouse Model SU, LISHAN UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA CHAPEL HILL NC $204,668
Hepatitis - B 2010 NCI 5RC1CA146279-02 Hepatitis B Virus PreS2 Mutant as Risk Factor for Hepatocellular Carcinoma HUANG, ERIC NORTHERN CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE RES & EDUC CA $231,839
Hepatitis - B 2010 FIC 3K01TW007408-04S1 Blood-borne infection screening in an Afghan antenatal population TODD, CATHERINE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES NY $103,661
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAID 5F31AI081451-02 Metabolic control of hepatitis B virus (HBV) biosynthesis: role of FXR and SHP REESE, VANESSA UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO IL $41,380
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAID 1U19AI089987-01 5538 Systems Biology Analysis of the Response to 2 HBV vaccines: Heplisav and Engerix COFFMAN, ROBERT DYNAVAX TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION CA $568,825
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAID 1U19AI089987-01 5545 Protein Core ZURAWSKI, GERARD BAYLOR RESEARCH INSTITUTE TX $326,866
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIAID 3R01AI071068-04S1 RNAi for the Treatment of Viral Hepatitis KAY, MARK STANFORD UNIVERSITY CA $183,150
Hepatitis - B 2010 NIEHS 3R21ES015954-02S3 Activating liver carcinogens in yeast by expressing CYP450 polymorphisms FASULLO, MICHAEL ORDWAY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INC. NY $18,392

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