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Project Listing by Category

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CategoryFYFunding ICProject NumberSub Project #Project TitlePI NameOrg NameState / CountryAmount
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 2R01NS032387-17 Hereditary Defects in Human Sodium Channels GEORGE, ALFRED VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY TN $493,128
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R21NS060108-02 Single Unit Based Seizure Prediction. CHANG, JING-YU NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF NC NC $206,250
Epilepsy 2010 NLM 1RC1LM010388-01 Emergency Neurophysiological Assessment Bedside Logic Engine TUCKER, DON ELECTRICAL GEODESICS, INC. OR $954,703
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R21NS061335-02 Anticonvulsant effects of novel concentric ring electrode electrical stimulation BESIO, WALTER UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI $215,958
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R21NS066307-02 Sex-specific gene regulation of neuronal chloride co-transporter, kcc2 LIEDTKE, WOLFGANG DUKE UNIVERSITY NC $195,000
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R21NS062391-02 Molecular Pathological Mechanism & Potential Therapeutics of Lafora Disease LIU, YAN UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR MI $185,266
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R03NS065451-03 Towards a Behavioral Index of Seizure Susceptibility SUNDERAM, SRIDHAR UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY $74,250
Epilepsy 2010 FIC 5R21TW008433-03 Are NCLs atypical in Latin America? Phenotypic and Genotypic analyses. PEARCE, DAVID SANFORD RESEARCH/USD SD $111,680
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R03NS065382-02 Tippy a novel mouse model for human ataxia epilepsy MILLEN, KATHLEEN UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO IL $1,639
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R03NS064378-02 Short and long-term impact of neonatal seizures on hippocampal granule cell integ DANZER, STEVE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL MED CTR (CINCINNATI) OH $75,000
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R21NS065431-02 Multimodal Evaluation of Networks Underlying Photosensitive Epilepsy in Baboons SZABO, CHARLES UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HLTH SCI CTR SAN ANT TX $222,750
Epilepsy 2010 NIAID 5R01AI075298-02 Immune cell dynamics during central nervous system viral infection DE LA TORRE, JUAN SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE CA $459,450
Epilepsy 2010 NIDCD 5R21DC009871-02 Representation of memory for spoken words and voice detail by single neurons in t STEINMETZ, PETER ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CENTER AZ $206,831
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R03NS066378-02 Patients' Experiences of Emergency Research (PEER)- Views of Patients included in PENTZ, REBECCA EMORY UNIVERSITY GA $90,283
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS066466-02 Microdialysis Studies of Seizure-Induced Oxidative Stress LUNTE, CRAIG UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS LAWRENCE KS $318,418
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS058503-02 Canonical Transient Receptor Potential Channels and Excitotoxicity ZHENG, FANG UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS MED SCIS LTL ROCK AR $362,500
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS045207-06 Activity-Dependent Gene Expression in Human Epilepsy LOEB, JEFFREY WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY MI $415,513
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS061849-02 Ectopic Granule Cells in Epilepsy NADLER, J. VICTOR DUKE UNIVERSITY NC $390,000
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS044370-07 Neurosteroid Regulation of Seizures KAPUR, JAIDEEP UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA CHARLOTTESVILLE VA $385,000
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS030914-14 Development of Hardware and Software for Clinical MEG TEPLEY, NORMAN HENRY FORD HEALTH SYSTEM MI $718,662
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R21NS066155-02 Towards the development of a novel treatment for epilepsy ESCAYG, ANDREW EMORY UNIVERSITY GA $193,750
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS065251-02 TRPV1 Channels in hippocampal neurons KAUER, JULIE BROWN UNIVERSITY RI $438,756
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS052634-06 Amino Acid Transport and the Biology of Human Gliomas SONTHEIMER, HARALD UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM AL $366,250
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS037562-12 BDNF and Hippocampal Hyperexcitability SCHARFMAN, HELEN NATHAN S. KLINE INSTITUTE FOR PSYCH RES NY $383,728
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 1RC3NS070658-01 Putting EEG in the Emergency Department OMURTAG, AHMET BIO-SIGNAL GROUP CORPORATION NY $2,949,240
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS044351-07 Neuropsychological Progression of New Onset Epilepsy HERMANN, BRUCE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON WI $683,790
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS060728-02 Mechanisms of Limbic Epileptogenesis MCNAMARA, JAMES DUKE UNIVERSITY NC $390,000
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS049307-06 Preventing spike-wave epileptogenesis: critical periods & neuroimaging biomarkers BLUMENFELD, HAL YALE UNIVERSITY CT $413,750
Epilepsy 2010 NIGMS 5R01GM068523-08 Structure and Function of Potassium Channels ROTHBERG, BRAD TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PA $315,000
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS067456-02 Mechanisms by which T-type calcium channels increase seizure susceptibility PEREZ-REYES, EDWARD UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA CHARLOTTESVILLE VA $385,000
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS040554-09 Quantitative Genetic Study of Seizures FERRARO, THOMAS UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PA $618,478
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS064154-02 Genetic Study of Common Forms of Epilepsy HAKONARSON, HAKON CHILDRENS HOSPITAL OF PHILADELPHIA PA $887,106
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R01NS067409-02 Mechanisms of hippocampal excitotoxic cell death and structural remodeling OBRIETAN, KARL OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH $378,267
Epilepsy 2010 OD 5RC1NS068684-02 Stem cell derived neurons and inherited epilepsy MEISLER, MIRIAM UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR MI $499,775
Epilepsy 2010 OD 5RC1MD004563-02 Preventing Depression in People with Epilepsy: An Extension of Project UPLIFT THOMPSON, NANCY EMORY UNIVERSITY GA $475,237
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5RC1NS068303-02 Efficacy of Necrostatins on Posttraumatic Epilepsy DIETRICH, W. DALTON UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE FL $403,842
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5RC1NS068938-02 Attenuating the retinal and CNS adverse effects of vigabatrin with NKCC1 inhibito JENSEN, FRANCES CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL BOSTON MA $404,735
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5R21NS070323-02 The Role of Genome-Coded ME2 in Epilepsy GREENBERG, DAVID COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES NY $402,500
Epilepsy 2010 NIA 5RC2AG036419-02 Bridging cognitive aging in rodents to man using fMRI in amnestic MCI GALLAGHER, MICHELA JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY MD $676,643
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5RC1NS069033-02 Calcium Signaling in Astrocytes WILCOX, KAREN UNIVERSITY OF UTAH UT $449,898
Epilepsy 2010 NIDA 5RC2DA028955-02 Mice with Functional Fluorescent Nicotinic Receptor Subunits LESTER, HENRY CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CA $966,896
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 5RC2NS070344-02 Whole-genome sequencing in multiplex epilepsy families GOLDSTEIN, DAVID DUKE UNIVERSITY NC $900,501
Epilepsy 2010 OD 1RC4NS072966-01 Novel mechanism-based treatments for infantile spasms VELISEK, LIBOR ALBERT EINSTEIN COL OF MED YESHIVA UNIV NY $1,809,408
Epilepsy 2010 OD 1RC4NS073008-01 IBIC: Integrated Brain Imaging Center for the University of Washington GRABOWSKI, THOMAS UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA $4,784,830
Epilepsy 2010 NICHD 3R21HD057387-02S1 High frequency activity in infants with epilepsy STEPHEN, JULIA THE MIND RESEARCH NETWORK NM $98,920
Epilepsy 2010 NICHD 3R01HD038578-10S1 fMRI of Normal Language Development in Children HOLLAND, SCOTT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL MED CTR (CINCINNATI) OH $108,752
Epilepsy 2010 NINDS 7R03NS065382-03 Tippy a novel mouse model for human ataxia epilepsy MILLEN, KATHLEEN SEATTLE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL WA $95,451

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