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Project Listing by Category

Back to Estimates of Funding for Various Research, Condition, and Disease Categories (RCDC) Click the column headings to sort project listings.
CategoryFYFunding ICProject NumberSub Project #Project TitlePI NameOrg NameState / CountryAmount
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NHLBI 5R01HL073442-06 Mechanisms Underlying the Pharmacologic Induction of Fetal Hemoglobin LOWREY, CHRISTOPHER DARTMOUTH COLLEGE NH $393,447
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NIDDK 5R21DK080428-02 A high-throughput screen for candidate agents that may reverse gamma-globin silen MARTIN, DAVID CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL & RES CTR AT OAKLAND CA $200,000
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NIDDK 5R01DK057778-07 Modulation of Iron Deposition in SCD and Other Hemoglobinopathies VICHINSKY, ELLIOTT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL & RES CTR AT OAKLAND CA $312,469
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NIDDK 5RC1DK086956-02 Reactivation of Fetal Gamma-globin Genes for the Treatment of Beta-globin Disorde TANABE, OSAMU UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR MI $491,467
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NHLBI 5RC2HL101553-02 Extending GWAS at the BCL11A locus to novel therapeutics for HbF induction ORKIN, STUART DANA-FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE MA $1,134,608
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NIDDK 3R37DK044746-18S1 Function of human & mouse Beta-globin locus control regions GROUDINE, MARK FRED HUTCHINSON CANCER RESEARCH CENTER WA $99,987
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NIDDK 3K01DK063992-05S1 Gene therapy for Cooley's anemia in a new mouse model RIVELLA, STEFANO WEILL MEDICAL COLLEGE OF CORNELL UNIV NY $54,000
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NIDDK 3R01DK045365-17S1 Globin Gene Switching: Molecular Control STAMATOYANNOPOULOS, GEORGE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA $100,001
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NIDDK 3R01DK081290-02S1 Transactivation of Fetal Hemoglobin PETERSON, KENNETH UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS MEDICAL CENTER KS $99,740
Cooley's Anemia 2010 NIDDK 3R21DK078442-02S2 HRI/elF2aP Signaling Pathway as Potential Pharmaceutical Targets for Thalassemia CHEN, JANE-JANE MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MA $9,744

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