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Project Listing by Category

Back to Estimates of Funding for Various Research, Condition, and Disease Categories (RCDC) Click the column headings to sort project listings.
CategoryFYFunding ICProject NumberSub Project #Project TitlePI NameOrg NameState / CountryAmount
Arctic 2010 OD 5RC1AG035779-02 Advanced Naturally Designed Channelrhodopsins for Photocontrol of Neural Activity SINESHCHEKOV, OLEG UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HLTH SCI CTR HOUSTON TX $400,395
Arctic 2010 OD 5RC1MD004387-02 Native Youth Enrichment Program OLSEN, POLLY UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA $491,513
Arctic 2010 OD 5RC1ES018400-02 Air Pollution Outreach, Education, and Research Capacity Building in Alaska Nativ WARD, ANTHONY UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA MT $450,755
Arctic 2010 OD 1RC4DA029974-01 Partnership for Public Health Research in the Oglala Sioux Tribe WHITESELL, NANCY UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO DENVER CO $999,440
Arctic 2010 NINDS 3U01NS048069-04S3 Alaska Native Stroke Registry TRIMBLE, BRIAN ALASKA NATIVE TRIBAL HEALTH CONSORTIUM AK $320,000

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