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Project Listing by Category

Back to Estimates of Funding for Various Research, Condition, and Disease Categories (RCDC) Click the column headings to sort project listings.
CategoryFYFunding ICProject NumberSub Project #Project TitlePI NameOrg NameState / CountryAmount
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R21AI082386-02 Role of RepX Protein in Replication/Partitioning of Anthrax Toxin Plasmid pXO1 KHAN, SALEEM UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH AT PITTSBURGH PA $227,250
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R21AI082046-02 In vivo effects of anthrax toxins:imaging host response & bacterial proliferation GLOMSKI, IAN UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA CHARLOTTESVILLE VA $189,168
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R21AI080965-02 Multivalent VAccines for Biodefense SCHNEEMANN, ANETTE SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE CA $261,113
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R21AI076753-02 Biosynthesis & Function of a Bacillus anthracis-specific cell wall polysaccharide CARLSON, RUSSELL UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA (UGA) GA $185,625
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R01AI077791-02 Genetics Modifiers of Anthrax Lethal Toxin Induced Pathophysiology BRADLEY, KENNETH UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES CA $375,965
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R01AI070726-02 Retrocyclins: Cyclic mini-defensins that inactivate anthrax toxins LEHRER, ROBERT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES CA $385,000
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R21AI073496-02 Targeting Replication-Segregation of plasmid pX01 in Bacillus anthracis RAYCHAUDHURI, DEBABRATA TUFTS UNIVERSITY BOSTON MA $206,250
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5U01AI082050-02 Rapid Biothreat Indetification in Clinical Samples by Multilocus Sequencing SELDEN, RICHARD NETWORK BIOSYSTEMS, INC. MA $2,090,363
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R01AI083449-02 Immunobiology of Bacillus anthracis Spore-Host Interactions KEARNEY, JOHN UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM AL $366,250
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R01AI079653-02 Targeting the PlsX/Y pathway for novel antimicrobials LEE, RICHARD ST. JUDE CHILDREN'S RESEARCH HOSPITAL TN $539,478
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5F32AI084323-02 Identifying Host-Factors Required for Toxin Entry and Toxicity HETT, ERIK MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL MA $52,154
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5U01AI077949-02 Novel antiobiotic development for biodefense JOHNSON, MICHAEL UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO IL $1,991,637
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5U01AI082224-02 Development of a Next Generation Anthrax Vaccine, dmPA7909 PARK, SUKJOON EMERGENT BIOSOLUTIONS MD $2,896,688
Anthrax 2010 NIGMS 1R15GM093987-01 Time-dependent structural studies on dinuclear metal ion containing enzymes CROWDER, MICHAEL MIAMI UNIVERSITY OXFORD OH $425,587
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 5R21AI082306-02 The Role of Lung Epithelium in B. anthracis Pathogenesis XU, YI TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCE CTR TX $219,750
Anthrax 2010 NIGMS 3R15GM081296-01A1S1 Interaction between B. cereus RecQ helicase and topoisomerase III LI, ZHIYU UNIVERSITY OF THE SCIENCES PHILADELPHIA PA $25,000
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 3R56AI081775-01A1S1 Structure and Function of the B. anthracis Exosporium TURNBOUGH, CHARLES UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM AL $437,409
Anthrax 2010 NIDDK 1R56DK089931-01 Structural basis of inflammasome assembly and regulation HANEIN, DORIT SANFORD-BURNHAM MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTIT CA $429,750
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 3R01AI065760-05S1 Immune Responses to Biodefense Vaccines Early in Life PASETTI, MARCELA UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE MD $47,775
Anthrax 2010 NIAID 3R01AI072732-05S1 Inhibition of Anthrax Lethal Factor by alpha-defensins LU, WUYUAN UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE MD $160,137

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