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Project Listing by Category

Back to Estimates of Funding for Various Research, Condition, and Disease Categories (RCDC) Click the column headings to sort project listings.
CategoryFYFunding ICProject NumberSub Project #Project TitlePI NameOrg NameState / CountryAmount
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 5R03ES017119-02 Ambient Air Toxics and Adverse Birth Outcomes TURNER, MICHELLE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES CA $71,189
Climate Change 2010 FIC 5D43TW007864-04 Research Training for Study of Air Pollution Control in China ZHENG, TONGZHANG YALE UNIVERSITY CT $86,730
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 5D43TW007864-04 Research Training for Study of Air Pollution Control in China ZHENG, TONGZHANG YALE UNIVERSITY CT $30,770
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 1F32ES017732-01A1 Molecular Chemistry Aimed Towards New Technologies for Atmospheric CO2 Depletion CURLEY, JOHN UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY CA $45,590
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 5F32ES017390-02 Synthesis of Diiron Complexes of Relevence to Methane Monoxygenase CRANSWICK, MATTHEW UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA TWIN CITIES MN $47,606
Climate Change 2010 NICHD 5R01HD033554-11 Population and Environment in the U.S. Great Plains LEONARD, SUSAN UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR MI $584,240
Climate Change 2010 NIGMS 5R21GM084704-04 Dynamic Ecological Simulation Model of Tsetse Transmitted Trypanosomosis in Kenya MESSINA, JOSEPH MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY MI $279,829
Climate Change 2010 NICHD 5K01HD055415-03 Population-environment dynamics influencing malaria risk in the Peruvian Amazon PAN, WILLIAM JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY MD $134,325
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 1P42ES016454-01A2 8764 Project 4: Arsenic and Manganese Mobility: Land Use, Redox Shifts HARVEY, CHARLES HARVARD UNIVERSITY (SCH OF PUBLIC HLTH) MA $263,004
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 1P42ES017198-01A1 5059 Project 5: Green Remediation by Solar Energy Conversion Into Electrolysis ALSHAWABKEH, AKRAM NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY MA $262,533
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 2P42ES004940-21 5089 Project 8: Characterization of Wind Blown Dust from Tailings and other Mining BETTERTON, ERIC UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ $232,437
Climate Change 2010 NLM 1R01LM010812-01 A Platform for Modeling the Global Impact of Climate Change on Infectious Disease BROWNSTEIN, JOHN CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL BOSTON MA $429,375
Climate Change 2010 NIAID 1R01AI090159-01 The Impact of Climate and Climate Change on West Nile Virus Transmission KILPATRICK, AUSTON UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ CA $514,913
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 1R21ES019375-01 Using Medication Purchases to Measure the Health Consequences of Air Pollution DESCHENES, OLIVIER NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH MA $191,817
Climate Change 2010 NCRR 1R43RR031348-01 Environmental Human Health Education GRAF, KAREN EDVOTEK, INC. MD $184,067
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 1R43ES019484-01A2 EpiMapVis: A dynamic web-based climate change and remote sensing visualization an SALAS, WILLIAM APPLIED GEOSOLUTIONS, LLC NH $149,918
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 1R13ES019427-01 Respiratory Health Effects of Global Climate Change Workshop PINKERTON, KENT AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY NY $10,000
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 1R21ES017413-01A2 Decision Making at the cutting edge of Environmental Health: Red Tides KIRKPATRICK, BARBARA MOTE MARINE LABORATORY FL $181,420
Climate Change 2010 NIEHS 5P42ES010349-10 0010 Project 5: Mobilization of Natural As & Mn in Groundwater ZHENG, YAN COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES NY $251,497

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