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Physician-Scientist Workforce (PSW) Report 2014

NIH Support for the Development of the Physician-Scientist Workforce

NIH has provided support for the training and early career development of physician-scientists through a variety of funding mechanisms. Many of these award mechanisms are referenced throughout this report. Figure 2.2 illustrates the points of support provided along the physician-scientist pipeline, as well as the training/career stages in which individuals originally intent on a career modeled on their academic physician-scientist mentors find alternate paths. Figure 2.3 provides an overview of the major institutional and individual awards that appear in Figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2. NIH Support for the Physician-Scientist Pipeline12

Figure 2.2. NIH Support for the Physician-Scientist Pipeline

12 Figure 2.2 is not drawn to scale, i.e., more physician-scientists are employed in clinical practice than in academic or industry research.