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R01-Equivalent investigators: Applicants, awardees, and funding rates

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Legend Applicants Awardees Funding Rate  (%) R01-Equivalent investigators: Applicants, awardees, and funding rates
X=2011;Y=23 X=2012;Y=23 X=2010;Y=26 X=2008;Y=27 X=2009;Y=26 X=2016;Y=26 X=2017;Y=25 X=2015;Y=24 X=2013;Y=21 X=2014;Y=23 X=2001;Y=36 X=2002;Y=34 X=2000;Y=36 X=1998;Y=34 X=1999;Y=36 X=2006;Y=25 X=2007;Y=28 X=2005;Y=27 X=2003;Y=35 X=2004;Y=30 X=2011;Y=5,840 X=2012;Y=5,939 X=2010;Y=6,518 X=2008;Y=6,095 X=2009;Y=6,045 X=2016;Y=6,915 X=2017;Y=7,024 X=2015;Y=6,248 X=2013;Y=5,401 X=2014;Y=5,831 X=2001;Y=6,530 X=2002;Y=6,356 X=2000;Y=6,554 X=1998;Y=5,797 X=1999;Y=6,552 X=2006;Y=5,683 X=2007;Y=6,079 X=2005;Y=6,052 X=2003;Y=6,905 X=2004;Y=6,487 X=2011;Y=25,669 X=2012;Y=26,345 X=2010;Y=24,709 X=2008;Y=22,574 X=2009;Y=23,198 X=2016;Y=26,588 X=2017;Y=27,676 X=2015;Y=25,597 X=2013;Y=25,162 X=2014;Y=24,873 X=2001;Y=18,266 X=2002;Y=18,490 X=2000;Y=18,349 X=1998;Y=16,839 X=1999;Y=18,273 X=2006;Y=22,849 X=2007;Y=21,684 X=2005;Y=22,536 X=2003;Y=19,979 X=2004;Y=21,883 R01-Equivalent investigators: Applicants, awardees, and funding rates

Analysis includes Contact and Multiple Principal Investigators.

Awards made under Reimbursable agreements, appropriations to NIH for Superfund-related activities, Gift Funds, and Breast Cancer Research Stamp Funds are not included.

Funding rate is a person-based statistic that is calculated by the number of distinct awardees divided by the number of distinct applicants in a given fiscal year, excluding applications withdrawn prior to review. This statistic seamlessly incorporates MPIs because each applicant is considered separately when performing the calculation.

FY 2009 and 2010 exclude awards made under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and all ARRA solicited applications and awards.

R01-equivalent awards include DP2, R01, R23, R29, R37 and RF1 activity codes. The DP2 activity code was added in FY 2017. Not all of these activities may be in use by NIH every year.

Source: NIH IMPAC, Success Rate File.