NIH-Supported Ph.D. Recipients
Trends in race/ethnicity of NIH-supported Ph.D. recipients

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Legend African American American Indian /Alaska Native Asian* Hispanic Other (including multi-racial)* Unknown White Trends in race/ethnicity of NIH-supported  Ph.D. recipients
X=2007;Y=147 X=2008;Y=140 X=2009;Y=176 X=2004;Y=106 X=2005;Y=128 X=2006;Y=121 X=2013;Y=181 X=2014;Y=156 X=2015;Y=138 X=2010;Y=146 X=2011;Y=170 X=2012;Y=156 X=2003;Y=78 X=1994;Y=54 X=1995;Y=65 X=1996;Y=57 X=1991;Y=46 X=1992;Y=28 X=1993;Y=43 X=2000;Y=89 X=2001;Y=113 X=2002;Y=105 X=1997;Y=82 X=1998;Y=79 X=1999;Y=93 X=2007;Y=12 X=2009;Y=16 X=1994;Y=11 X=1998;Y=11 X=2007;Y=294 X=2008;Y=316 X=2009;Y=324 X=2004;Y=266 X=2005;Y=308 X=2006;Y=292 X=2013;Y=396 X=2014;Y=342 X=2015;Y=397 X=2010;Y=333 X=2011;Y=341 X=2012;Y=378 X=2003;Y=259 X=1994;Y=158 X=1995;Y=192 X=1996;Y=235 X=1991;Y=105 X=1992;Y=100 X=1993;Y=120 X=2000;Y=227 X=2001;Y=274 X=2002;Y=286 X=1997;Y=219 X=1998;Y=204 X=1999;Y=249 X=2007;Y=186 X=2008;Y=232 X=2009;Y=190 X=2004;Y=134 X=2005;Y=145 X=2006;Y=145 X=2013;Y=231 X=2014;Y=227 X=2015;Y=246 X=2010;Y=207 X=2011;Y=238 X=2012;Y=230 X=2003;Y=97 X=1994;Y=62 X=1995;Y=64 X=1996;Y=71 X=1991;Y=43 X=1992;Y=47 X=1993;Y=48 X=2000;Y=109 X=2001;Y=106 X=2002;Y=119 X=1997;Y=84 X=1998;Y=90 X=1999;Y=86 X=2009;Y=96 X=2010;Y=104 X=2008;Y=92 X=2006;Y=89 X=2007;Y=88 X=2014;Y=121 X=2015;Y=121 X=2013;Y=117 X=2011;Y=127 X=2012;Y=131 X=2005;Y=64 X=1998;Y=27 X=1999;Y=28 X=1997;Y=26 X=1993;Y=11 X=1996;Y=18 X=2003;Y=69 X=2004;Y=69 X=2002;Y=45 X=2000;Y=31 X=2001;Y=57 X=2007;Y=12 X=2008;Y=18 X=2009;Y=33 X=2004;Y=17 X=2005;Y=25 X=2006;Y=12 X=2013;Y=11 X=2014;Y=16 X=2015;Y=12 X=2010;Y=17 X=2011;Y=22 X=2012;Y=28 X=2003;Y=24 X=1994;Y=14 X=1995;Y=15 X=1996;Y=29 X=1991;Y=19 X=1992;Y=27 X=1993;Y=17 X=2000;Y=39 X=2001;Y=25 X=2002;Y=15 X=1997;Y=32 X=1998;Y=25 X=1999;Y=16 X=2007;Y=1,967 X=2008;Y=2,122 X=2009;Y=2,195 X=2004;Y=1,681 X=2005;Y=1,782 X=2006;Y=1,833 X=2013;Y=2,206 X=2014;Y=2,226 X=2015;Y=2,186 X=2010;Y=2,224 X=2011;Y=2,117 X=2012;Y=2,256 X=2003;Y=1,568 X=1994;Y=1,496 X=1995;Y=1,486 X=1996;Y=1,577 X=1991;Y=1,409 X=1992;Y=1,393 X=1993;Y=1,613 X=2000;Y=1,659 X=2001;Y=1,635 X=2002;Y=1,557 X=1997;Y=1,591 X=1998;Y=1,556 X=1999;Y=1,610 Trends in race/ethnicity of NIH-supported  Ph.D. recipients
NIH support includes funding from any of the following Kirschstein-NRSA or NLM awards at any point prior to the Ph.D.: T15, T32, T35, T90,  TL1, TU2, F30, F31, F32, F33, F34 and F35.

* From 1982-2000, the racial categories used in the Survey of Earned Doctorates included "Asian and Pacific Islander." In 2001, the survey was revised and "Asian" and "Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander” became separate categories. For the purposes of reporting, Native Hawaiians are included in the "Other" category.

D = suppressed to avoid disclosure of confidential information.

Sources: NIH Trainee and Fellow File, IMPAC II, and the Doctorate Records File.