National Statistics on Graduate Students in the Biomedical, Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Sciences
Graduate enrollment in the clinical sciences, by citizenship

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Legend U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents Temporary Visa Holders Graduate enrollment in the clinical sciences, by citizenship
X=2006;Y=17,295 X=2005;Y=16,997 X=2008;Y=16,381 X=2007;Y=16,865 X=2002;Y=13,889 X=2001;Y=12,419 X=2004;Y=15,511 X=2003;Y=14,450 X=2014;Y=13,760 X=2013;Y=13,831 X=2016;Y=13,488 X=2015;Y=14,180 X=2010;Y=14,438 X=2009;Y=14,290 X=2012;Y=13,653 X=2011;Y=14,007 X=1990;Y=7,191 X=1989;Y=6,931 X=1992;Y=8,071 X=1991;Y=7,529 X=1986;Y=6,920 X=1985;Y=6,978 X=1988;Y=6,936 X=1987;Y=6,776 X=1998;Y=10,609 X=1997;Y=9,857 X=2000;Y=11,470 X=1999;Y=11,172 X=1994;Y=9,226 X=1993;Y=8,690 X=1996;Y=9,551 X=1995;Y=9,266 X=2006;Y=4,203 X=2005;Y=4,087 X=2008;Y=4,418 X=2007;Y=4,104 X=2002;Y=3,522 X=2001;Y=3,100 X=2004;Y=3,868 X=2003;Y=3,849 X=2014;Y=5,174 X=2013;Y=5,117 X=2016;Y=5,402 X=2015;Y=5,283 X=2010;Y=4,478 X=2009;Y=4,420 X=2012;Y=4,880 X=2011;Y=4,589 X=1990;Y=2,054 X=1989;Y=1,870 X=1992;Y=2,451 X=1991;Y=2,289 X=1986;Y=1,441 X=1985;Y=1,313 X=1988;Y=1,728 X=1987;Y=1,534 X=1998;Y=2,528 X=1997;Y=2,392 X=2000;Y=2,953 X=1999;Y=2,750 X=1994;Y=2,368 X=1993;Y=2,456 X=1996;Y=2,402 X=1995;Y=2,335 Graduate enrollment in the clinical sciences, by citizenship
See https://report. for more information about the fields that make up the biomedical, behavioral and social, and clinical sciences.

Source: National Institutes of Health, NSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering.