Research Grants
R01-Equivalent grants: Average size

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Legend Current $ Constant (1998) $ R01-Equivalent grants: Average size
X=2011;Y=$256,395 X=2012;Y=$259,680 X=2010;Y=$260,317 X=2008;Y=$256,006 X=2009;Y=$260,349 X=2016;Y=$263,935 X=2017;Y=$270,775 X=2015;Y=$256,285 X=2013;Y=$246,902 X=2014;Y=$256,937 X=2001;Y=$275,042 X=2002;Y=$283,921 X=2000;Y=$264,078 X=1998;Y=$246,522 X=1999;Y=$254,296 X=2006;Y=$271,003 X=2007;Y=$262,299 X=2005;Y=$283,787 X=2003;Y=$288,360 X=2004;Y=$287,167 X=2011;Y=$404,949 X=2012;Y=$415,447 X=2010;Y=$399,707 X=2008;Y=$370,845 X=2009;Y=$388,177 X=2016;Y=$458,287 X=2017;Y=$482,395 X=2015;Y=$435,525 X=2013;Y=$402,569 X=2014;Y=$427,083 X=2001;Y=$304,110 X=2002;Y=$324,325 X=2000;Y=$282,591 X=1998;Y=$246,522 X=1999;Y=$262,347 X=2006;Y=$361,307 X=2007;Y=$362,970 X=2005;Y=$361,611 X=2003;Y=$340,974 X=2004;Y=$352,214 R01-Equivalent grants: Average size

Current dollars and Constant dollars represent average total costs of research project grants. Constant dollars were computed using 1998 as the base.

FY 2009 and 2010 exclude awards made under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

R01-equivalent awards include DP2, R01, R23, R29, R37 and RF1 activity codes. The DP2 activity code was added in FY 2017. Not all of these activities may be in use by NIH every year.

Source: NIH IMPAC, Pub File.