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Research center grants: Average size

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Legend Current $ Constant (1999) $ Research center grants: Average size
X=2009;Y=$1,387,461 X=2008;Y=$1,402,273 X=2007;Y=$1,449,846 X=2010;Y=$1,327,905 X=2013;Y=$1,275,215 X=2012;Y=$1,224,724 X=2011;Y=$1,205,484 X=2006;Y=$1,452,265 X=2001;Y=$1,604,950 X=2000;Y=$1,494,697 X=1999;Y=$1,420,056 X=2002;Y=$1,567,563 X=2005;Y=$1,577,076 X=2004;Y=$1,585,703 X=2003;Y=$1,563,962 X=2009;Y=$2,014,670 X=2008;Y=$1,968,984 X=2007;Y=$1,944,730 X=2010;Y=$1,988,374 X=2013;Y=$2,027,297 X=2012;Y=$1,914,070 X=2011;Y=$1,863,037 X=2006;Y=$1,876,769 X=2001;Y=$1,720,107 X=2000;Y=$1,550,398 X=1999;Y=$1,420,056 X=2002;Y=$1,735,684 X=2005;Y=$1,947,886 X=2004;Y=$1,885,199 X=2003;Y=$1,792,568 Research center grants: Average size
Biomedical Research and Development Price Index for latest year is estimated

FY 2009 and 2010 exclude awards made under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Source: NIH IMPAC, Pub File

Contact: Office of Statistical Analysis and Reporting, ORIS/OER